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Cashbook Core

The base for any PFM strategy is analytics and reporting. Automatically groups related transactions into various buckets for later reporting.

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An OAuth2 authentication server. Use it to provide single sign on (SSO) for the applications you will be developing and deploying for your users.

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A simple password protected online file store. Use it to make private user documents available like e-statements, spending reports, loan agreements, etc.

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Don't have time to build your own solutions?
No worries, these products have got you covered.

PFM Application Suite

Simple and easy to use the PFM application suite is comprised of three modules: Budgeting (Available), History and Spending Habits (In development). Buy now and get all three for a low introductory price.

Spending Reports

A set of custom designed reports detailing for users how they are spending their money. Append them to statements or use Keepsafe to bring PFM to EVERYONE at your institution. Coming soon!

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